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Winston and Joey

Winston and Joey

Welcome to Winston and Joey – the two lovable and adventurous kittens who are the stars of our website. Each with their own unique backstory, Winston and Joey have come together to create an online resource that aims to help new kitten parents with all their feline-related questions.


“I hate it when they show my baby pictures!”

At six months old, I decided to wander into a citrus packing plant near an industrial area, railroad tracks, and freeway in Riverside, California. I am a friendly chap and hopped aboard a golf cart with two humans, one of whom decided to snap a few selfies and photos with me. This human shared a photo of my loveable mug with his human unit, and she said to bring him to their home after work. I feel my decision that day has made all the difference in upgrading my living conditions, health, and happiness. (#KittyLevelUp)

This human, now may ‘Dad’, put me in a banker’s box in his office for the rest of the day, with a few out-of-box experiences on his desk. Then, I rode home in his truck in the banker’s box listening to the calming voice of my new ‘Dad’.

Dad transported me to a large, enclosed box called ‘home’ where I met ‘Mom’. I took to her right away as she has a nice comfy lap and chest on which to curl up. I was to be fed and pampered, and I opted at once to become a feline explorer and adventurer, investigating every nook and cranny of this big human box. They kept me well-fed and entertained and indulged me with lots of cooing noises, wonderful chin rubs, and glorious petting sessions. At this juncture, I felt it would be devasting to the humans if I were to abandon them after they had latched on to my loveable charm, my amiable good nature, and “GQ” good looks. (#TheyDon’tKnowHowLuckyTheyAre)

And so, I chose to remain. Life went on with my mom’s routine each day at home for 2 months. I stuck to her like glue when I was feeling bored with the 30 or so different toys she provided, dancing on her keyboard, batting at her mouse, and making intentional mugshot appearances during her Teams meetings. (#KittyPhotoBomb)

Fast forward 2 months and mom surprised me with a living toy – my 6-month-old little brother that was lost in the same city that I originally came from. (#LittleBrothersAreLame)


“This is the picture that got ’em hooked!”

A nice family found me but could not keep me and luckily a human in the neighborhood was looking to adopt a friend for her 8-month-old kitty. It was hard for them to hand me over, but my new ‘Mom’ gives them updates on how I am doing along with photos of me with my camera hog brother. (#BigBrothersAreDumb)

My brother seems to be a bit of a ‘Mama’s boy’, so I latched on to ‘Dad’. I know I am precious and I try to cross many lines and boundaries to see what I can get away with around my new home. I am extremely quick and can get closed into closets and try to zoom outside if a door opens even a crack, even though I have no desire to live out there anymore. After all, I get all my square meals, treats, toys, and zoomie launches down the long hallway without bad weather and other critters I choose not to deal with in the wild world outside. (#LivingLaKittyLoca)

I may be 2 months younger than Winston and he can tussle with me hard, but I am really the instigator of stealth attacks on him and the eater of any morsel of his food left unattended. I’m also very adept at just going ‘limp’ when someone picks me up which gave me the little nicknames of ‘precious’, ‘lovebug’, and ‘snugglebunny’. One time, I even made a neighbor cry when she picked me up and held me, and I went all limp in her arms and purred. I am hilarious. (#AndFreakinAdorableToo)

My favorite things are to follow around and bug my big brother, little catnip mice, raising my paws up at the television set, and hiding in places that make the humans spend hours looking for me.

P.S. I heard dad say cost is no object for his kitties. Time to think about turning that to our advantage. (#ThisIsGoingToBeExpensive)

P.P.S. Dad’s saying something about us having to ‘sing for our supper’. I’m not sure what that means but it doesn’t sound good. (#KittiesCan’tSing)

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